[chirp_users] UV-82 "Privacy coding (tones)"

Jim Unroe
Tue Apr 21 03:45:57 PDT 2015

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 4:17 AM, Justin <700hpvette1 at cox.net> wrote:
> So I tried to setup a UHF simplex channel with CTCSS/DCS on one of my UV-82’s (well frankly any “privacy” type code/tone). No matter what combination I tried, my BF8-HP (listening to the same frequency but no codes programmed) picked up every transmission. Also, the UV-82 would receive anything I sent with the BF8. The most I could accomplish was the the UV-82 would receive only the carrier and wouldn’t produce any of the audio. Downloading the daily build changed nothing and I even copied the settings from a working repeater channel and just removed the offset and still nothing. Is there a bug? Am I an idiot? I was able to program all my repeaters just fine and the tones are obviously working or the repeaters wouldn’t! Does the software ignore tone settings if there is no repeater offsets? Im doubtful as the LCD displayed the changes? Surely someone besides me wants some simplex “privacy”?


What I get from the above...

1. "I tried something."
2. "That something didn't work"
3. "What did I do wrong?"

It would have been helpful if some of the parameters that were tried
would have been provided.

1. What was the Tone Mode setting?
2. What was the Tone or ToneSql setting?

Attaching the "CHIRP Radio Image (*.img)" file from each radio.would
also have been helpful.

For a ham repeater requiring a 100.0 Hz CTCSS tone for access, the
setup would usually be...

Tone Mode=Tone

This transmits the CTCSS to the repeater to "open" its receiver to let
you communicate though it. You receiver requires no tone and will open
with any signal.

This would be useless in a simplex scenario. Any signal (regardless of
the tone frequency or no tone at all) would be received.

For tone squelch on a simplex frequency using the same 100.0 Hz CTCSS
tone, the setup would be...

Tone Mode=TSQL

This transmits the 100.0 Hz CTCSS tone over the air and requires the
same 100.0 Hz CTCSS tone to be received to open the squelch of your

You should be able to verify your programming by accessing menu 11
(R-CTCS) and menu 13 (T-CTCS) of both radios. If you programmed CHIRP
correctly, both menus of both radios should have the same value.

It wouldn't hurt for you to visit wikipedia and/or google CTCSS to
learn something about it. Someone that understands what CTCSS would
never program it expecting "privacy". That is only something that
FRS/GMRS marketing people offer to the unknowing general public.

So there are 3 groups of users on a common frequency. Group A, group B
and group C. Group uses a 100.0 Hz CTCSS tone, group B uses a 123.0 Hz
CTCSS tone and group C doesn't use any CTCSS tone.

A member of group A cannot hear transmissions from group B or group C.
A member of group B cannot hear transmissions from group A or group C.
A member of group C can hear all transmissions from group A, group B
and group C (and anyone else).

Anyone with a radio or scanner with receive CTCSS and receive DCS set
to OFF can hear you. There is no "privacy". There is only "selective


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