[chirp_users] ic-e2820 an chirp

Dan Smith
Sun Apr 5 13:46:25 PDT 2015

>> Is the D-STAR module installed?
> Yes it is
>> Are you tuned to a D-STAR channel at the time you're attempting to
>> program it?
> Yes I am.

Do you have GPS turned on? If so, I think you'll want all of that
disabled. Ideally, disable the GPS stuff and tune both sides to FM
channels before trying.

Alternately, use an OPC-478 style cable and eliminate all the above
potential for conflict. They're cheap on eBay :)

> But what I have just found is this page:
> http://www.dj0abr.de/english/technik/aprs/aprs_mit_dem_ic.htm
> And if you scroll to the middle you will read that 2820 needs -8V to
> input pin, but my usb-to-serial adapter, outputs only -6,2V.
> Maybe this is the problem!!!

Doubtful. Most USB-to-serial adapters don't generate proper RS232
anyway, and many are only really getting +/-5V on those lines. I've
never had one that the 2820 seemed to balk at. That said, who knows.


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