[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R error message

Sun Apr 5 09:45:41 PDT 2015

I am trying to program a Baofeng UV-5R radio with the CHIRP program.
I previously programmed several UV-5R radios without problem.

I am a lowly accountant and do not understand a lot of the jargon and abbreviations commonly
used by radio enthusiasts.

#1. I was getting the following error message while programming a new Baofeng UV-5R radio:


          Radio refused to send block 0x1ec0
#2. I next installed the most recent CHIRP update:  daily-20150405
#3. I now get the following error message:

          Unsupported firmware version: `HN5RV011FB297 '

     #4. Is there a solution to this error message?
     Thank you very much!    
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