[chirp_users] Yaesu VX5 programming errors: tips for troubleshooting?

David Hagood
Fri Nov 14 12:42:15 PST 2014

I am trying to program a Yaesu VX5 using Chirp under Ubuntu, and I am 
not having any luck. I've tried 2 cables - one a USB to Yaesu cable, one 
a RS-232 to Yaesu cable (the latter both on a USB to RS-232 adapter, and 
on an honest UART based serial port). In all cases, I cannot download 
the data from the radio.

Steps taken:
1 Verify serial device is readable/writable by my user (minicom, verify 
I see data looped back).
2 Start CHIRP (daily-20141112)
3 Select correct serial device (/dev/ttyUSB0), Vendor (Yaesu), and radio 
4 Turn radio off, connect cable
5 Turn radio on holding Function (Radio shows "CLONE")
6 Radio->Download from radio.
7 Press OK
8 Press VFO key on radio.

The radio shows "Clone TX" for about a second and a half, then shows 
CLONE ERROR. After a few seconds CHIRP reports a download error.

Capturing the output of chirpw yields:

(process:22085): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
	Using the fallback 'C' locale.
CHIRP daily-20141112 on Linux - Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (Python 2.7.6)
Registered Kenwood_TH-D7 = THD7Radio
Registered Kenwood_TH-D7G = THD7GRadio
Registered Kenwood_TM-D700 = TMD700Radio
Registered Kenwood_TM-V7 = TMV7Radio
Registered Kenwood_TM-G707 = TMG707Radio
Registered Kenwood_TH-G71 = THG71Radio
Registered Kenwood_TH-F6 = THF6ARadio
Registered Kenwood_TH-F7 = THF7ERadio
Registered Kenwood_TM-D710 = TMD710Radio
Registered Kenwood_TH-D72_live_mode = THD72Radio
Registered Kenwood_TM-V71 = TMV71Radio
Registered Kenwood_TH-K2 = THK2Radio
Registered Kenwood_TM-271 = TM271Radio
Registered Kenwood_TM-281 = TM281Radio
Registered Kenwood_TM-471 = TM471Radio
Registered TYT_TH-UV3R = TYTUV3RRadio
Registered Yaesu_FT-90 = FT90Radio
Registered AnyTone_5888UV = AnyTone5888UVRadio
Registered Intek_HR-2040 = IntekHR2040Radio
Registered Polmar_DB-50M = PolmarDB50MRadio
Registered Powerwerx_DB-750X = PowerwerxDB750XRadio
Registered Icom_ID-800H_v2 = ID800v2Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-2800M = FT2800Radio
Registered TYT_TH-9800 = TYTTH9800File
Registered Icom_IC-2200H = IC2200Radio
Registered TYT_TH-UVF1 = TYTTHUVF1Radio
Registered Icom_IC-Q7A = ICQ7Radio
Registered Icom_ID-31A = ID31Radio
Registered Icom_ID-51A = ID51Radio
Registered Yaesu_VX-7 = VX7Radio
Registered Icom_IC-T8A = ICT8ARadio
Registered Leixen_VV-898 = LeixenVV898Radio
Registered Jetstream_JT270M = JetstreamJT270MRadio
Registered Yaesu_VX-2 = VX2Radio
Registered Icom_IC-T70 = ICT70Radio
Registered Icom_7200 = Icom7200Radio
Registered Icom_7000 = Icom7000Radio
Registered Icom_746 = Icom746Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-60 = FT60Radio
Registered Yaesu_FTM-350 = FTM350Radio
Registered Icom_IC-T7H = ICT7HRadio
Registered Kenwood_TK-7102 = KenwoodTK7102Radio
Registered Kenwood_TK-8102 = KenwoodTK8102Radio
Registered Kenwood_TK-7108 = KenwoodTK7108Radio
Registered Kenwood_TK-8108 = KenwoodTK8108Radio
Registered Baofeng_UV-5R = BaofengUV5R
Registered Baofeng_F-11 = BaofengF11Radio
Registered Baofeng_UV-82 = BaofengUV82Radio
Registered Baofeng_UV-6 = BaofengUV6Radio
Registered Intek_KT-980HP = IntekKT980Radio
Registered Baofeng_BF-F8HP = BaofengBFF8HPRadio
Registered Generic_CSV = CSVRadio
Registered Commander_KG-UV = CommanderCSVRadio
Registered RT_Systems_CSV = RTCSVRadio
Registered Kenwood_ITM = ITMRadio
Registered Yaesu_VX-8_R = VX8Radio
Registered Yaesu_VX-8_DR = VX8DRadio
Registered Yaesu_VX-8_GE = VX8GERadio
Registered Baofeng_UV-3R = UV3RRadio
Registered Icom_ID-880H = ID880Radio
Registered Icom_ID-80H = ID80Radio
Registered Icom_IC-2720H = IC2720Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-1802M = FT1802Radio
Registered Icom_IC-2100H = IC2100Radio
Registered Alinco_DR03T = DR03Radio
Registered Alinco_DR06T = DR06Radio
Registered Alinco_DR135T = DR135Radio
Registered Alinco_DR235T = DR235Radio
Registered Alinco_DR435T = DR435Radio
Registered Alinco_DJ596 = DJ596Radio
Registered Jetstream_JT220M = JT220MRadio
Registered Alinco_DJ175 = DJ175Radio
Registered Wouxun_KG-UVD1P = KGUVD1PRadio
Registered Wouxun_KG-UV6 = KGUV6DRadio
Registered Wouxun_KG-816 = KG816Radio
Registered Wouxun_KG-818 = KG818Radio
Registered Baofeng_BF-888 = H777Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-7800_7900 = FT7800Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-8800 = FT8800Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-8900 = FT8900Radio
Registered Yaesu_VX-170 = VX170Radio
Registered Icom_IC-2820H = IC2820Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-817 = FT817Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-817ND = FT817NDRadio
Registered Yaesu_FT-817ND_US = FT817NDUSRadio
Registered Icom_IC-V82_U82 = ICx8xRadio
Registered TYT_TH-UVF8D = TYTUVF8DRadio
Registered ARRL_Travel_Plus = TpeRadio
Registered Icom_IC-208H = IC208Radio
Registered Icom_IC-W32A = ICW32ARadio
Registered Baofeng_UV-B5 = BaofengUVB5
Registered Generic_XML = XMLRadio
Registered Icom_IC-91_92AD = IC9xRadio
Registered Vertex_Standard_VXA-700 = VXA700Radio
Registered Kenwood_HMK = HMKRadio
Registered Yaesu_VX-5 = VX5Radio
Registered Yaesu_VX-6 = VX6Radio
Registered Yaesu_VX-3 = VX3Radio
Registered Baojie_BJ-UV55 = BaojieBJUV55Radio
Registered Kenwood_TH-D72_clone_mode = THD72Radio
Registered Wouxun_KG-UV8D = KGUV8DRadio
Registered KYD_NC-630A = NC630aRadio
Registered Puxing_PX-777 = Puxing777Radio
Registered Puxing_PX-2R = Puxing2RRadio
Registered Yaesu_FT-857_897 = FT857Radio
Registered Yaesu_FT-857_897_US = FT857USRadio
Skipping existing stock config
Skipping existing stock config
Skipping existing stock config
Skipping existing stock config
Skipping existing stock config
Skipping existing stock config
Skipping existing stock config
Skipping existing stock config
User selected Yaesu VX-5 on port /dev/ttyUSB0
Clone thread started

-- Exception: --
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/chirpui/clone.py", line 227, in run
   File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/chirp/yaesu_clone.py", line 217, 
in sync_in
     self._mmap = _clone_in(self)
   File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/chirp/yaesu_clone.py", line 85, in 
     raise errors.RadioError("Failed to communicate with the radio: %s" % e)
RadioError: Failed to communicate with the radio: No response from radio
Clone failed: Failed to communicate with the radio: No response from radio
Clone thread ended
--- Exception Dialog: Failed to communicate with the radio: No response 
from radio ---

Is there anything I can do to get more information, such as a more 
verbose trace of what is going on?

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