[chirp_users] IC-208H programming question -- having difficulty

Thomas Fancher
Tue Nov 11 20:36:40 PST 2014

I am having difficulty getting my laptop to communicate with the IC-208H.  It is easy to start the radio such that it displays "CLONE".  Pressing the "SET*LOCK" button gives "CL OUT" but quickly clicking on the "download" in Chirp only gives an error message that there is a failure to communicate.

John (kc2txv) was kind enough to send me a file that he has used with his Icom IC-208H.  I modified the frequencies as applicable for my area and attempted to simply download the image file to the radio without having first accomplished an upload.  That gives the message: "An error has occurred  Failed to communicate with the radio: Unexpected response from radio."

I verified that I have the "Prolific" USB cable set to the correct com port.  However, I do not know of a good way to test the cable.
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