[chirp_users] Trying to use chirp via ser2net and socat

Nigel Johnson, MIEEE
Wed Nov 5 13:23:38 PST 2014

Hi, I wonder if anybody has tried this and can offer advice: I have chirp running on a laptop in my apt, but an FT8900 is in a boiler room one the roof.  The remote control head for the radio is down in the apartment.

I can connect to the FT8900 by running a ser2net service up there and socat down here.  With this setup and permissions all set OK using /dev/pts/5, I can see the FT8900 send a character when I put it into clone mode.  But chirp will not recognise anything and gives me "Failed to communicate with radio: Failed to read header (0)"
I am using SuSE linux here and CentOS upstairs.  I have tried setting the serial port up there to 1200, 4800, 9600 and 19200.  I assume that chirp uses autobauding to communicate with the radio but that is obviously not available over a tcp connection.

Any help would be appreciated!

73 de Nigel ve3id

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