[chirp_users] Dumb Newbie Question -- How To Start CHIRP

John LaMartina
Mon Jun 30 06:30:46 PDT 2014

What URL or webpage did you use to find and download CHIRP?

John K3NXU

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WOW that is weird.  
CHIRP will unzip its files in one directory along with its sub directories.  

This is one program CHIPRW that is the executable program.  

I think it also created the start on the main screen.

Have you tried pressing on the CHIRPW file?

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>Dear All:
>     CHIRP downloaded and unzipped 55 files to my computer.  None of them are CHIRP.exe or anything that is obvious.  I clicked on
a number of them and CHIRP did not start.  How does one start CHIRP?
>-- Chris Peeples -- KE6MQW --

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