[chirp_users] Chirp on BeagleBone Black

Denis Dimick
Wed Jun 18 21:03:32 PDT 2014


I was thinking about seeing if the RaspberryPi would run Chirp. Since all
you really need is the Python Libs it should work fine.
On Jun 18, 2014 7:51 PM, "Michael Dodds" <mike at doddstech.com> wrote:

> My new Rev C BeagleBone Black arrived today and I decided to see if it
> would run Chirp successfully. Short answer: yes it does :)
> The Rev C version comes with 4 GB of onboard flash and comes
> preinstalled with Debian 7.4 with an LXDE desktop. The older versions
> came with Angstrom Linux and only had 2 GB onboard storage. You could
> use one of those by loading Debian or Ubuntu on a 4GB or larger micro SD
> card and booting from there.
> The default user is debian and will sudo with no password, so it's not
> the most secure setup, but that is easily changed if you like.
> Here is how I did it:
> Open up LXterm from the Accessories menu and type: sudo usermod -a -G
> dialout debian
> This adds the debian user to the dialout group so you have access to the
> USB ports.
> Then I cheated a bit: While in LXterm I did this: sudo apt-get install
> chirp. This installs a truly ancient version of Chirp, but takes care of
> all the dependencies for you. When it completes, type: apt-get remove
> chirp. That removes the old version of chirp but leaves the dependencies.
> Then download the latest version of Chirp (the tar.gz Linux source version)
>  From LXterm, type: cd /home/debian/Downloads and hit enter. Then type:
> tar -zxvf chirp* (no sudo needed here)
> This will extract the tar.gz file into a directory under Downloads,
> chirp-0.4.0 in my case.
> Then from the file manager in the GUI, navigate to that directory and
> double click on chirpw and click on execute in the dialog that pops up.
> I'm not sure if there is a practical use for running it in the
> BeagleBone, but it works every bit as well as my "real" Linux box does
> and reads/writes just fine to all my radios, it's fun, and Linux has no
> issues with the counterfeit Prolific USB programming cables.
> I'm sure you could get fancy and actually install it, but it works just
> fine without it.
> 73,
> Mike
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