[chirp_users] BF-888S "scrambler"

Harrison Cooper
Fri Jun 6 14:19:42 PDT 2014

Right….mine has no stickers, but just arrived fresh from the far east (took 5 weeks), but $18 each, couldn’t pass it up.  I was just curious about this mode, not that I need it.

And thank you for the right click edit menu, its been a while since I’ve played with CHIRP.

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Keep in mind that not all BF888S have the scrambler option, only the latest model.
This is explained in the Re-Written Manual http://www.miklor.com/BF888/888-Manual.php
Hope this also helps.

John K3NXU

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On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 3:22 PM, Harrison Cooper <HCooper at fusionio.com<mailto:HCooper at fusionio.com>> wrote:
I just updated to the 0.4.0, and I do not see a column for the beat shift/scrambler mode...is it under some other column?

It is available from the right-click edit menu.

1. Click a memory to highlight it (or select a group of memories)
2. Right-click on a highlighted memory
3. Select "Edit" from the menu that popped up

The setting that you are looking for will be all the way at the bottom of the Edit Memory #n/Edit Multiple Memories menu that appears.


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