[chirp_users] Baofang/wouxon in Chirp LIVE and MAC issue

Richard Paczkowski
Sun Jun 1 00:50:12 PDT 2014

Good early morning to everyone! I have with a Wouxon and a Baofang uv-5r that I can successfully program with chirp in my Mac after downloading the generic cable drivers.

The wouxon worked just fine with the live Cd (which I made a bootable USB out of with the instructions from the site). However when I go to clone my Baofang it reads the radio restarts the radio then the chirp live just goes blank like I never attempted to clone it at all. I have tried two cables bought more than a year apart from different vendors and I can get the Baofang to clone just fun in the Mac version. 

Any ideas on how to fix the issue with the live USB? I love this idea as I just have a bootable USB thumb drive zip tied to the cable and can be programmed on the fly from anywhere...

Thanks in advance,

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