[chirp_users] Chirp and virus alarm

Pedja YT9TP
Fri Dec 12 03:47:20 PST 2014

Just for the record:

I just tried to download latest daily build.

Avast blocked connection claiming it is malicious, infected with

Tried to download both install exe and ZIP file, both were blocked.

I disabled Avast, then downloaded and installed Chirp latest daily
build, but when I enable Avast it does not allow Chirp to run, still
claiming it is infected by Win32:Evo-gen.

However, the latest stable build
http://chirp.danplanet.com/download/0.4.1/chirp-0.4.1-installer.exe was
not recognized as malicious and is not blocked. It downloaded and 
installed with no problem.

I guess this is false alarm but quite annoying.


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