[chirp_users] Who used CHIRP in linux ubuntu mode ?

y_61 at libero.it
Mon Dec 8 02:06:57 PST 2014

Hi,  sorry i have a  baofeng UV-5R   release BFS 297… ( july 2014 i buy )

I whant yo  create a  CHIRP on usb pen boot  , I think is work on ubuntu or 
linux ?

PLEASE In  how mode I create it ?

I have the programm unebootin for create with the ISO the boot chirp on the
Usb pen.

But, where I downoad the CORRECT  ISO immage for my  baofenf UV-5R  
BFS 297 version ?

I use a comunication cable buy on amazon ( I think is a clone ) in this case 
with NO use windows but linux…no driver is request ?  

VERY IMPORTANT , after the boot whith this chirp on usb pen drive in linux, 
what I to do to install the driver or start the comunication for the cable to 
my pc ???  

Or I insert the cable in a usb port and is finish ? I oper the chirp program 
and select in “radio” and read the data memory ?

Thanks for help, best 73 

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