[chirp_users] Memory Bank Settings Upload Issue

Pete Mackie
Wed Dec 3 05:52:12 PST 2014

I have a recently new Yaesu FT-8800R dual band FM transceiver. Using CHIRP 0.4.0, with repeater memory parameters,  I am able to both Download from radio and Upload to radio without any issues. 

CHIRP displays four separate windows (Radio left and Radio right—with two independent sets of repeater memories) selected by buttons in the display left-hand column:
Memories (Left)
Banks (Left)
Memories (Right)
Banks (Right)
In one of the two CHIRP Banks window, I set the check boxes by Bank number / Memory channel. Then I perform a CHIRP Upload to radio. The memory channel records are subsequently visible and usable on the Yaesu FT-8800R transceiver. But the Banks memories are void of content.

Furthermore, if I manually first activate memory Banks Memory Channel assignments on my Yaesu FT-8800R, the Banks (Left and Right) check boxes do not show up as checked in the two CHIRP Banks windows after performing a CHIRP Download from radio.

Another apparent CHIRP 0.4.0 bug is that if you set check boxes in the Banks (Left) memory then the check boxes are identically set in the Banks (Right) memory. Same going from a (Right) to (Left) Banks memory. Checkbox settings are auto-duplicated from one Banks memory to the other Banks memory.

Are the above multiple issues missing CHIRP features and/or bugs or am I missing something that I should perform when doing repeater memory downloads or upload with CHIRP?

I am using a Mac OS X 10.10.1 Mavericks computer with CHIRP 0.4.0. Would a newer release of CHIRP solve this issue?

As an aside using CHIRP, I am able to download and upload Bank memory check box settings form / to to my Yaesu VX-6 handheld transceiver without any Bank number transfer issues.

Pete Mackie
kg7ixu at arrl.net <mailto:kg7ixu at arrl.net>

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