[chirp_users] Straightening out mixed terminology

Pete Miller
Tue Apr 8 11:57:07 PDT 2014


Acknowledging up front that I'm a rookie, so give me all the guidance you
think I need. Although I'm sorely tempted to curse the darkness, the reason
for this mail is to try to light a candle, in case anyone else has some of
same questions.

The challenge is differences in the terminology of repeater directories,
and my new, first radio, a BaoFeng UV-5RE Plus. I've looked for answers
in the CHIRP FAQ as well as some web searching. If you're not the right ones
to deal with some or all of these questions, please share your suggestions
about other sources.

In advance, thanks.

/kc1bkh -- Pete


Below are examples of a repeater directory table, a csv-formatted table for
BaoFeng UV-5RE  Plus, and the cloned CHIRP report for the UV-5RE Plus

*The overall question:*
How does the repeater directory terminology fit CHIRP's and the BaoFeng

( This link was somewhat helpful, btw >
http://kc5olo.org/downloads/repeater1.pdf . )

Repeater directory columns

   - Freq -- transmit frequency of repeater? yes, according to KC5OLO
   - OFS -- For example, standard offset for 2m is -600 kHz
   *What* gets entered *where* in the BaoFeng CSV and cloned columns?
   Maybe only the "-" or "+" or "split" gets entered? Then the offset is
   just calculated for each band?
   - Mode
   Same as BF-UV5 "Tone Mode", or maybe BF's "Mode" (which is usually FM
   for 2m band, right?) ?
   What is "Tone Mode"?
   - Code In and Code Out--
   Here are four examples from the repeater directory

156.777.0*Fairfield  224.680 (Rocky Hill, CT)2012/09/09146.475+1MCTNorwalk
W1NLK100.0100.0Fairfield  2012/09/12146.625- CTFairfieldWB1CQO100.0Fairfield
   146.655- CTStamfordW1EE100.0Fairfield 158564

+1M is special offset?

146.445 : What does 77.0 / 156.7 for Code In mean?

146.445 : What does the red typestyle for Code Out mean?
* means 'Gated PL' but I don't know what that means, yet.

What are the units of the 77.0, 100.0, and 156.7 numbers? mHz?

   - IRLP - The Internet Radio Linking Project
   I'm not there yet

   - Echo - Refers to EchoLink® ?
   I'm not there yet

BaoFeng UV-5RE-Plus memory columns
- cloned report downloaded from radio

[image: Inline image 1]

How do these terms map to the ones in the csv-format below?

csv                  cloned



Tone Mode.......?



DTCS Code......Dtcs Code

DTCS Rx Code ?

DTCS Pol.........Dtcs Polarity





Power...............? hi or lo, but I haven't found that detail, so far



BaoFeng UV-5RE-Plus memory columns
- csv format

Location |Name|Frequency|Duplex|Offset|Tone|rToneFreq|cToneFreq|DtcsCode|
What are





Why aren't the csv and cloned column headers and content the same?
I do get that the column headers are supposed to guide the process of
uploading to the radio,
so the *order* of columns can be different. But why not make them the same,

May be a BaoFeng problem: When I try to manually enter info directly into
the clone report, I
can enter Name and Frequency, but clicking on other columns just makes the
entire row (such
as, the row for memory location 22) go away; seems to erase the row. I
haven't figured out how
to recover it, but since I haven't uploaded anything, I can of course
download a new image.
Suggestions about how to make direct entry into the downloaded, "cloned"


Thanks. I've done my best to provide enough context, but if you want any
more info,
just ask.
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