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Jim Unroe
Mon May 27 15:11:36 PDT 2013

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 5:43 PM, Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com> wrote:

> > is there anywhere that gives the meaning of the columns in chirp?
> CHIRP, like any other programming software, assumes the user knows what
> he wants to put into his radio. It's rather dangerous for you to be
> transmitting on amateur or commercial frequencies without knowing the
> details of what you have told your transceiver to do. That said, I just
> cooked up a description of these fields:
> http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/MemoryEditorColumns
> It won't teach you what to put in the columns. For that, you probably
> want an elmer or some other educational reference material. However, in
> support of understanding exactly how CHIRP interprets each, that guide
> should help.
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> Very nice.

After reading through it quickly, I would suggest these few

- Although it is discussed in the Cross Mode section, the DTCS Rx Code
column has been left out.
- The first "None" in the Duplex section should be "(None)"
- Also, "RX DTCS Code" in the Cross Mode section (two times), should be
"DTCS Rx Code"

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