[chirp_users] Baofeng uvr5a - chirp offset settings won't save

Jim Unroe
Fri Jun 21 13:43:37 PDT 2013

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 10:45 AM, Allan Cordova <allan.cordova at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> In uploading the chirp settings to my baofeng uv5ra, it appears that all
> settings are saving to to the radio correctly - except for the offset
> settings which just read 0.000. The frequencies are for 70 cm fm receivers
> in my area, so all the values in the chirp file are 5 MHz.
> Apologies if this question is better directed to a baofeng support forum,
> but I suspected some folks on this mailing list were likely to have
> encountered this question before.
> Thanks in advance for any feedback,
> Allan
> This is not a CHIRP issue. It is the way the radio works. CHIRP can't make
the radio do anything it isn't capable of doing.

The UV-5R{anything}, does not use offsets when saving memory channels. The
RX and TX frequencies are saved. Even though you enter the RX frequency,
shift direction and offset amount into CHIRP, CHIRP does the math in the
background and sends the RX and TX frequency to the radio. The "+-"
indication in channel mode lets you know that the RX and TX frequencies are
different (even for TX inhibited channels).

The SFT-D and OFFSET menus have no meaning in channel mode so they should
be disregarded in that mode. The are only function in frequency (VFO) mode.

The "Reference for UV-5R Menus" shows in which modes the menus are valid.
Get if from the Miklor.com website. Look for "Menu Detailed Reference" on
the home page.

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