[chirp_users] Yaesu FT-817 programming

Bob Fleck
Wed Jun 12 17:59:25 PDT 2013

First of all a big thanks to the CHirp team, it's a great product. I have
used it on Yaesu, Baufeng, Wouxun.

I use a 6 in 1 cable I bought fo $10 on fle-bay which works well. I made an
adapter cable for the FT-817 Accessory socket and downloaded the radio to
Chirp just fine. I edited the file and when I tried to send it back to the
radio I accidentally factory defaulted the radio by not holding down both
mode buttons properly on turn on. A caution for other players. I now cannot
communicate with the radio and it has lost all memories and settings.

Yes I have the correct Windows driver as it works with other radios.
Yes I have the correct com port, verified with "find my port" program a BIG
Yes I have tried both CAT rates.
Yes I have checked for continuity in my patch cable, and no shorts.

What have I missed? I can't upload or down load the radio. I get error
Radio did not ack block 0 and
Unable to read block 00 expected 4 got 4

Are you guys aware of the availability of NiZn 1.6 V rechargeable AA
batteries? Ideal for the FT-817.

Thanks in advance,
*Regards Bob VK2BYF, Nowra, South Coast, NSW, Australia*
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