[chirp_users] Problems reading Yaesu FT-8900

John Randle
Tue Jun 4 19:31:34 PDT 2013

I am getting an error "Failed to read header (0)" when trying to use 
CHIRP to read my FT-8900. I am using a USB cable acquired from 
www.409shop.com and a Prolific USB driver on an XP home system. 
The cable is being properly detected by XP. The same XP home system is 
being successfully used to read my BaoFeng UV-5R and my Yaesu VX-7R, 
both using different USB cables but the same driver. For what ever it 
may be worth, the RT Systems software (ADMS 2H) is also failing to read 
the FT-8900, showing a "clone error" on the FT-8900 display when I use 
the USB cable from www.409shop.com. However, I am able to read the 
FT-8900 using a USB to Serial adapter and the serial cable that RT 
systems supplied many years ago.
It would appear that my problem is the USB cable from www.409shop.com 
... but I would appreciate a second or third opinion.
Thanks in advance..
73's de K9RSQ

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