[chirp_users] Not showing COM10

Dean Gibson AE7Q data at ae7q.net
Fri Feb 8 22:21:46 PST 2013

On 2013-01-01, Dan wrote:

/Type COM10 into the box and it will open it.

The only way for a "regular" Win32 program to enumerate the available
serial ports is to literally try to open every single one of them to see
if it fails or succeeds. This takes a bit of time, and can interfere
with other things using the ports on your system. I can add this search
logic to CHIRP, I just hate to solve the problem in that way.

If you'll open a ticket for extending the static list to, say, COM64,
I'll be glad to shove that in to make it more intuitive./


Well, I use COM ports w/ Chirp into the 100's.  I agree that enumerating 
or "blindly" extending the list is a bad idea.  My suggestion is to 
remember any valid (1-256) COM port(s) manually entered into the "COM 
box", and present them in future invocations.

-- Dean AE7Q

ps: I've imported all my memories into my new Icom ID-51A using Icom's 
CS-51 program.  So, if you need a sample .ICF file (both virgin from the 
device, and/or as modified by me) in order to add ID-51 support to 
Chirp, let me know.
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