[chirp_users] Getting Started w/ CHIRP on Mac OS X using Kenwood TH-F6 & FTDI cable

Dave Nathanson
Sat Aug 31 22:21:49 PDT 2013

CHIRP is working great for me now!  Whoo-ho!  :-) 
I'll have to remember that if the speaker/mic doesn't work, to switch menu #9 ("SP/MIC JACK") back from "PC" to "SP/MIC". 

I see that CHIRP doesn't doesn't do "upload" to Kenwood THF6A, it's even easier that that. You just download from radio, then edit it live onscreen, and any changes are immediately sent back into the radio. Wow, that's easy! I also like being able to "Exchange Memories" to move them around. I also love being able to save a copy of all the freqs from the radio to the computer as a backup. 

This so so cool! I can hardly wait to use CHIRP with another radio which I consider much more difficult to program from the dashboard. 


On Aug 31, 2013, at 3:33 PM, Milton Hywatt <mhywattt at yahoo.com> wrote:

> You are most welcome my friend. No you don't have to put the radio
> in a special mode, you just have to tell it what peripheral connection
> for the basic programming. I like the query function where you can
> for free find active frequencies in your county and import them right
> into the chirp template. And then edit out what you don't want. Oh and
> chirp requires you download a template, even if it's empty, from the radio
> first. This is so the software knows your radio, the firmware build, etc...
> Have fun. 
> Milt. 
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> AWESOME! Thanks Milton Hywatt! :-D 
> That was it. I had heard that you don't have to put Kenwood radios into any special mode to use CHIRP, but you do. Especially if you also use a Speaker Mic. 
> As you said, the answer is to go to Menu #9 "SP/MIC JACK", and set it to "PC". 
> Onward! 
> For anyone else that may read this thread later, 
> Here is a download link to the Kenwood TH-F6 manual. 
> http://www.kenwoodusa.com/UserFiles/File/UnitedStates/Communications/AMA/Manuals/TH-F6.pdf
> From the Kenwood TH-F6 instruction manual:
> ----------------------------------------------
> The SP/MIC jack on the transceiver can be configured to interface to various kind of the
> peripherals available for the transceiver, such as a speaker microphone (SMC-32/ 33/ 34), PC interface
> cable and a TNC. Access Menu No. 9 (SP/MIC JACK) and select the peripheral type from “SP/MIC”, “TNC”, and “PC”. 
> You can further configure the transceiver to interface to a high speed (9600 bps) TNC that requires a direct
> FM modulation {below}.
> Unless you connect the transceiver to a TNC or PC, the default setting of the SP/MIC jack function (Menu
> No. 9), “SP/MIC” works fine. However, if you want to interface to a different type of peripheral, configure
> the SP/MIC jack function: 
> 1 Press [MNU] to enter Menu mode.
> 2 Turn the Tuning control or press [ up/down] to select Menu No. 9 (SP/MIC JACK).
> 3 Press [ ] or [MNU].
> 4 Turn the Tuning control or press [ up/down ] to select the appropriate peripheral type from “SP/MIC” (default), “TNC”, and “PC”.
> 5 Press [ ->] or [MNU] to store the setting.
> Otherwise, press [<-] or [PTT] to cancel.
> * If necessary, configure and select the additional settings.
> 6 Press (POWER) to turn the transceiver OFF.
> 7 Connect a peripheral to the SP/MIC jack.
> 8 Press (POWER) to turn the transceiver ON.
> On Aug 31, 2013, at 2:11 PM, Milton Hywatt <mhywattt at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > The radio has settings in the Tuning portion of it's menu system.
> > It must be on PC. Press Menu, turn the encoder knob to Tuning
> > and the default selection is sp/mic. I don't own one of these radios
> > just reading from the instruction manual on page 46. However you
> > can change those selection you need to change it to PC. 
> > 

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