[chirp_users] UV-5RA problem

Fri Aug 16 06:15:36 PDT 2013

I see others are able to us Chirp with the UV-5RA but I cannot and I can
only guess why.
I also have the UV-3R and I have no problem with it. When I select which
radio to program the listing for UV-5 is all there is for the UV-5 series. I
have the proper programming cable, turn the radio on, then try to download
from the radio, and it tries but times out and I am told the radio is not
I am running Chirp under Ubuntu and I keep everything updated, including
'daily-build' for Chirp. One thing bothers me though; when I look at the
"about" and check the revision level of Chirp, it shows 20130802 (8/2/2013)
yet when I try to update, it says I have the latest version. I am not sure
about that one.
Anyhow, the bottom line is my Chirp works great with the UV-3R but not with
the UV-5RA, using the proper programming cables of course. Same computer,
same software, different programming cables.
Any clue to what is wrong with my set-up?
Warren Andreasen - K7CWA
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