[chirp_users] Roger Beeps, Courtesy Tones

Clint Bradford
Tue Aug 13 11:40:34 PDT 2013

>> ... Many of the ham repeaters in my area use the roger beep or some form of coutesy tone, they work great.

"Roger beep" is a tone that sounds when a radio operator un-keys their microphone. Serious hams thought this 
phenomenon/rage ended with the death of CB radios ... unfortunately, roger beeps are being heard more and 
more with the proliferation of several inexpensive import HTs.

A repeater "courtesy tone" is a short tone or series of tones that sound over the transmitter of a repeater 
at the end of the squelch tail. A person involved in a conversation on a ham repeater un-keys their mic, and many 
repeaters are set up to wait a short time, then emit a "courtesy tone." We are supposed to wait for the courtesy tone 
before keying up to talk/reply. This short "gap" allows a little time for someone to break into the conversation with a 
comment, or priority or emergency traffic.

Roger beeps for repeater use are most seen as immature or just plain unnecessary. Courteous and proper 
operations on amateur radio repeaters - with or without a courtesy tone - always waits a second or two after 
one ends a transmission to reply.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS
909-241-7666 - cell

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