[chirp_users] MDC1200

Clint Bradford
Tue Aug 13 11:03:23 PDT 2013

MDC-1200 (Motorola Data Communications) - aka "Stat-Alert," 
and/or "MDC-600" - is a Motorola two-way radio low-speed 
data system using audio frequency shift keying, (AFSK). 
MDC-600 uses a 600 baud data rate. MDC-1200 uses - you 
guessed it - a 1200 baud data rate. 

Mark and space tones are 1,200 Hz and 1,800 Hz. The data 
are sent in bursts over the radio system's voice channel.
MDC signaling includes a number of features: unit ID, 
status buttons, emergency button, selective inhibit, radio 
check, and selective calling. These features are programmable 
and could be used in any combination desired by the user. 

In addition to Motorola, at least two other companies make 
compatible base station decoders for MDC-1200. Motorola radios 
with MDC options have an option allowing the radio to filter 
out data bursts from the receive audio. Instead of hearing the 
AFSK data, the user hears a short chirp from the radio speaker 
each time a data burst occurs. (The user must turn on this 
feature in the radio's option programming settings).

But you will not be using CHIRP to program your Motorola radios.

Clint Bradford K6LCS

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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