[chirp_users] Blocking Transmit on Selected Channels

Milton Hywatt
Mon Aug 12 18:30:49 PDT 2013

Ok Dan, I own the Anytone yahoo group. In the QPSAT5888UV software 
it has a transmit inhibit. I use this because I listen to law enforcement on
one side of the radio and amateur on the other. The AT5888UV has a big
obnoxious button to switch the marshall side from A to B or B to A. I found
myself once changing sides from amateur to law enforcement in the middle 
of a conversation. Lucky for me I did not program a PL tone encode for the
law enforcement channel. I then went into the software and found that I could 
shut of transmit for whatever channel I wanted. I've made special announcements
about this in the group. An accidental transmit while rare, onto a public service 
frequency could get you into trouble. So I guess I'm asking how much trouble
would it be to add this transmit inhibit to Chirp for all these Chinese LMR radios? 
 Much thanks and kudos to the software. 

Milton, owner http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Anytone_AT-588UV/

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> It depends on the radio that you are programming. On the radios that
> I have been involved with (Baofeng UV-5R, UV-B5 UV-82 and Wouxun
> KG-UV6D), to inhibit TX all you do is set Duplex=off and CHIRP
> handles the details.

Indeed. Note that the duplex=off setting was a late addition so many
model drivers don't claim to support it. If you have one where
duplex=split,offset=0.0 works, let us know and we can trivially add the
duplex=off capability. We just need to know which models can handle
this easily without having to tease out a tx-inhibit bit.

That said, if you've got one where a tx-inhibit bit is the required
way and are willing to help a developer tease out the bit, it should be
fairly easy.

Dan Smith

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