[chirp_users] Blocking Transmit on Selected Channels

Dan Smith
Mon Aug 12 18:12:55 PDT 2013

> It depends on the radio that you are programming. On the radios that
> I have been involved with (Baofeng UV-5R, UV-B5 UV-82 and Wouxun
> KG-UV6D), to inhibit TX all you do is set Duplex=off and CHIRP
> handles the details.

Indeed. Note that the duplex=off setting was a late addition so many
model drivers don't claim to support it. If you have one where
duplex=split,offset=0.0 works, let us know and we can trivially add the
duplex=off capability. We just need to know which models can handle
this easily without having to tease out a tx-inhibit bit.

That said, if you've got one where a tx-inhibit bit is the required
way and are willing to help a developer tease out the bit, it should be
fairly easy.

Dan Smith
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