[chirp_users] UV5R roger beep/durability

Brad NK8J
Mon Aug 5 18:12:52 PDT 2013

The Roger beep must be off in Ham Bands.  It is used in the FRS bands and
transmitted when you un-key the radio. When you have 2 repeaters with input
Pl tones you must set the frequency for each one with the T-CTS set for each
input PL. If either repeater has a tone output you would use the R-CTS on it
as well.  You can run the T-CTS and R-CTS independently.


Ex:  ch 1 145.130 T-CTS 100.0

       ch 2 145.130 T-CTS 123.0


if they have PL tone Output


ex: ch 1 145.130 T-CTS 100.0  R-TCS  91.5

       ch 2 145.130 T-CTS 123.0 R-CTS  88.5


hope this helps you out.



Brad NK8J


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will someone explain sequence of roger beep to me.  where in transmission is
it sent.  have unusual situation with two repeaters in somewhat proximity to
each other.  common output frequency, but different input pl tones.. would
like to identify that inout is on one of the two.


klutzy me has dropped radio numerous times.  on wood floor, concrete
sidewalk, and in the grass.  each time it came up working.  on last sidewalk
drop, clip on back flew apart, and battery popped off.  put it back
together, and it worked well.  added small amount of jb weld to the spring,
and pin ends, no more problems.  have since fired up seven more units, all
with the jb weld mod.


this is one rugged little beast.  love the rascal.  wifey calls it my "TOY'
cost a hella of a lot less than the last ht's i bought, can't see why she is
cmplaining.  maybe i shold not take it to bed with me?


73  jim  kf8sj


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