[chirp_users] Are there any plans for this?

mike agner ka3jjz1 at verizon.net
Thu Oct 11 18:01:05 PDT 2012

I've been playing around with the RadioReference (RR) import, and 
wondering if there's any plans afoot to expand the function beyond just 
getting frequencies from a certain zip code. That seems very limited, 
and RR has much more than that available.

For example, the site, over the last year or so, has started accepting 
ham radio repeater frequencies, and it has a rather large nationwide 
listing. In addition, there are many organizations and categories 
available at the state level.

Many scanner software packages have this functionality, and I suspect 
that hams that are members of RR would appreciate having it. As I 
understand it, having worked a little with some software authors 
(including the author of FreeScan for the Uniden DMA scanners, who is 
himself a ham) there's a fair amount of flexibility in being able to 
select or de-select certain categories of frequencies (for example, here 
in Maryland, the State Police have an extensive 39 Mhz listing, but few 
if any ham radios receive there. These could be blocked.)

Since I can't send HTML here, I will say that there's a brief wiki page 
on the SOAP protocol on RR, and we have how FreeScan defined the 
conventional import using the web service - lots of pix there. I will 
send the URLs to those who are interested...TIA...Mike

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