[chirp_users] Using CHIRP with UBUNTU

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Fri Jul 27 17:11:28 PDT 2012

On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 2:00 PM,
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> From: "Geoffrey K. Phillips" <gphillips13 at centurylink.net>
> Subject: [chirp_users] Using CHIRP with UBUNTU

> I now have it running on UBUNTU, except it looks for a tty(x) driver, and I
> use a USB cable.

Linux handles it gracefully (probably even the fake chips), and generally
assigns it to something like:
(number zero, not the capital letter O)

You can type in the /dev/ttyUSB0 in the chirp dialog and it will remember it.

For more indication  what your system is doing, run one or more of the
following.  There are probably more elegant ways to see but I haven't
had my coffee yet...
dmesg | grep tty
ls /dev/tty*

Jason Carr

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