[chirp_users] skipping channels

dave calhoun
Fri Jul 20 23:23:28 PDT 2012

Hi Marco, 

When I export to csv it does insert the S for skip into the file. I'll have to learn how to check the radio itself to see if the skip is selected or not. That would answer if it was an unsupported feature in chirp or not. I'm using a yaesu FT-60 handheld. 

When you describe the special channels it sounds like you are talking about ones we can't transmit on? Like listening to the burger king radio? I've seen the frequencies for my area published but wondered just what use they would be.

Alan, I wasn't sure what you were asking but it sounds like you are using windows 7 and don't have the usb driver installed? I don't know anything about windows 7 since I am a macintosh user but perhaps you could get the appropriate driver from the same place I did. 



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