[chirp_users] Problem with Yaesu VX-6R

Dan Smith
Tue Jul 3 19:44:17 PDT 2012

> So, did I run into both a CHIRP bug and a Yaesu firmware bug, or is this 
> known behavior?

Sounds like an honest-to-goodness bug to me.

Can you send me the original CHIRP image, and then an image captured
after "fixing" it with commander? There's probably just some stray bit
that isn't getting cleared. I should be able to find it from the diff of
the two images.

I'll go on to say, once again, that Yaesu radios are really bad about
this. They let you program basically anything into the memory you want,
regardless of whether it will crash the radio's microcontroller or not.
It's really rather unfortunate that they didn't design the radio a
little better than that...

Dan Smith

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