[chirp_users] Mass update of D710

Dan Smith
Sun Jul 1 12:59:54 PDT 2012

> Forgetting for a moment about the apparently illegal repeater data
> that breaks the upload to the D710,

Please open an issue on the website and attach your debug log.

> is there a better way to upload a csv file? It seems a bit cumbersome
> to first have to load the entire memory contents, then remove all
> memories and then paste over.

Yes, there's a better way. There's no need to delete everything first.
Please keep in mind that the Kenwood ham rigs behave differently than
almost every other radio CHIRP supports. Thus, the workflow(s) are tuned
for a different memory model. If there are specific additional sequences
that would help Kenwood users work more efficiently, without penalizing
users of other radios and without turning CHIRP into an MCP clone, feel
free to file those in the issue tracker.

You might note that you can hit escape while chirp is attempting to load
all the memories from the radio, and that you can make individual
changes to memories while it's loading and it will prioritize those
writes over the background reads. However, exporting to CSV will cause
it to read any memories it has not yet red, for obvious reasons.

> - connect D710 to computer - load memories using CHIRP - delete all
> memories using CHIRP (pasting over existing memories doesn't appear
> possible)

It's certainly possible. If something is failing, please open a bug and
attach your debug log.

> - copy all memories from .csv file - paste all memories onto empty
> D710 document

Just go to file->import and choose your CSV file. The import dialog will
show you the contents of the file to be imported and then let you import
them en masse. It does read the entire radio first to look for potential
collisions, which makes sense in every case other than importing a file
to replace the entire radio.

Perhaps adding a "replace entire radio's memory with the contents of a
file" function would help here? That way, instead of downloading the
entire radio and then uploading all the changes, CHIRP could just step
through the current file and blindly blow the memories into the radio?

Dan Smith

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