[chirp_users] FT-817ND Writing problem

Kurt Savegnago ksaves2 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 28 17:31:51 PST 2012

Hi Marco,

  Here is the scan of my 817ND.  I can get Chirp to log with what Dan sent me:

CHIRP_DEBUG=y ./chirpw 2>&1 | tee debug.log

I used these instructions:

Could you please run in linux the attached script and send me the output:
- copy the file to your chirp-devel directory in the chirp subdir (the
same where the ft817.py file is)
- cd to that dir
- prepare the radio for the clone operation
- run it with
    python./dump817nd.py /dev/ttyUSB1 2>&1 >/tmp/817dump
- start radio clone tx
wait for the clone to complete, the radio should complain "as usual" and
the program should take a few seconds to finish after the actual data
transfer is ended.
Send the generated /tmp/817dump file.
Please send also an image of the white label on the radio (the one with
model, serial number etc): we have to find not only the protocol details
but also a way to recognize the various radio sub models.

I received the dump817nd.py file, stuck it in the same directory where ft817.py is located (chirp-daily-01232012/chirp and then used

 python./dump817nd.py /dev/ttyUSB1 2>&1 >/tmp/817dump

While the rig is in clone mode.  I had the radio send the memory contents to chirp and I did get a dumpfile I've attached.  I apologize as I'm not a programmer.  I guess that's a commandline level task.  Actually, when the 
task was done, the 817ND flashed Error again on the screen. Boy, I don't know what you can make of that file.  Took me awhile to figure out what I had to do but I think this is what was desired.  Anything else I can do 
to help just send me the commands and I'll run 'em. :-)

I did two runs and hence the 817 and 817a file

                              Kurt KC9LDH

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> Here is the script .... sorry ...
> 73 de IZ3GME Marco
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