[chirp_users] Ft-8800 Chirp 0.12

Dan Smith
Sun Sep 25 06:49:19 PDT 2011

> I downloaded the radio using Bob Freeth software and discovered that the
> Preffered bits are set for Hyper Memory 2 mostly correct, Hyper Memory 1
> mostly wrong ( missing quit a few, some random ones set). the other
> hyper memories are not set at all.

Hmm, CHIRP doesn't manipulate any of the hyper memory bits, nor does it 
even know where they are. So, I'm not sure how it could be doing that, 
unless they're stored right after something else in memory and it's 
overstepping a bound somewhere.

> I have attached before and after files. The ones that do not say new are
> the one where I imported my radio, then the CSV file, marked the
> channels as pref.

Thanks, I'll diff them and see where the bits are and try to figure out 
what is going on. Could you create an issue on the website and attach 
those files so I don't lose track of them?



Dan Smith

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