[chirp_users] PX-2R downloaded data is corrupted

Dan Smith
Thu Sep 15 07:25:38 PDT 2011

Hi Aubrey,

> I have not used previous versions, so I can't say whether this is an
> issue with the new build or with my radio.

I expect this is the case. There are apparently two nearly identical 
versions of the PX-2R floating around with no distinguishing features 
other than a serial number range difference. As a result, supporting 
these two models in CHIRP simply by attempting to guess which version is 
being used it extremely error-prone and would also be non-trivial in the 
amount of work required to do it. Even Puxing's own software has two 
versions, one of which works with either radio, with no real explanation 
of why or how to determine which is which.

So, I made the call to not invest the time trying to make CHIRP work for 
both of them since you are only the second person I've heard from with 
the "other" version of the radio. The first was keen on getting rid of 
his radio anyway. Since I _think_ you have the older version, I'm not 
sure it's worth the time and effort for just a few users.

Sorry for the bad news, but I hope you understand...

Dan Smith

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