[chirp_users] trouble with D7

Dan Smith
Fri Oct 28 08:09:41 PDT 2011

> I'll try to fish it out.  Incidentally, I'm running both the Linux
> and Windows version.  The Windows version is XP in a Vbox window
> running under Linux!.

Ah, okay, well, if you run CHIRP from the terminal in Linux, it's even
easier to get the debug log:

   chirpw > ~/Desktop/debug.log

Then it's on your desktop when you're done. Either that or the log from 
the Windows box will do just fine.

> I loaded the specialized driver for the USB port for a D72A into XP
> and fired up Chirp.  It works fine with the D72A in this emulated
> window!


 > I did program the D7A(g) with a past
> version of Chirp but ole' Stupidhead here deleted that version.  I
> remember there was a problem before and you said Dan that is was a
> real simple programming fix.

Well, this bug is just about the identification of the radio, so it's 
very good that you're helping me fix this so that you and others will be 
able to use the latest version (with the latest features) with your radio :)


Dan Smith

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