[chirp_users] Users Manual or Help file?

Dan Smith
Thu Oct 13 07:17:14 PDT 2011

> Thank you for the fast reply.  The Beginners Guide is exactly what I am
> looking for.  What is missing is a link to this page from your
> <http://chirp.danplanet.com/#How-do-I-get-it>  page.  This is the page
> that comes up when you Google your software.  If you posted a link to
> the Beginners Page on this page your software would be much easier for
> the beginner to find the information that they need to start using the
> software.

Well, every page is not linked from every other page, of course, but the 
Beginner's Guide _is_ linked from the front page on the site, just under 
the list of supported radios.


Dan Smith

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