[chirp_users] Cross Radio Cloning Issues/Questions

Dan Smith
Mon Oct 10 13:56:56 PDT 2011

Hi Al,

Sorry for the delayed response...

> So I downloaded the latest stable version and used it to download my
>  Wouxun into a radio-specific image file. One thing I noticed was
> that even though I have receive tone set to OFF in the Wouxun, the
> download in Chirp shows code 23. Is that the same as OFF?

No, CHIRP behaves like most other programming software in that it shows
the values of settings that aren't in use. 023 is a DTCS code, but if
you don't have your Tone mode set to DTCS, then the value is not being
used. Try toggling View->Hide Unused Fields.

> Next, since the Baofeng does not support names, I was wanting to make
>  the Wouxun list into a series of shorter lists for the Baofeng by
> deleting entries before uploading to the Baofeng. I opened the
> Baofeng and imported the Wouxun list, but when I highlighted multiple
> lines with click, shift-click and deleted them the delete did not go
> as it should. It looked like Chirp only deleted the odd entries and
> left the even ones highlighted. After pressing delete again on the
> remaining highlighted entries, some of the "deleted" entries seemed
> to come back. Is multiple line delete not supported, or am I doing
> something wrong?

Hmm, that doesn't sound right. Can you send me a copy of the image you
were working on so I can try to reproduce the behavior?


Dan Smith

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