[chirp_users] Dumb 8900 queary

Dan Smith
Mon Jun 6 11:05:53 PDT 2011

> 1 how do you tell what port to use?

I think you said you were using Linux.  If you're using a USB serial 
adapter, then you want /dev/ttyUSB0 (assuming you only have one 
attached).  If you're using the first real serial port, then you'll want 

> 2 How do you set up the radio? I tried turning the rig on while holding
> down on the left V/M as the book says, but nothing on rig shows "cloning".

You do get the special multi-tone beep and then get dropped into the 
alternate set menu, right?  The cloning mode is the last one in the 
list, if I recall correctly.  That means a single turn to the left will 
get you there.  Then you have to press another button to actually reboot 
into the cloning menu and then yet another to put it into RX or TX mode.

Dan Smith

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