[chirp_users] debug.log

Dan Smith
Thu Dec 15 09:49:39 PST 2011

> I individually plugged in and out all 3 usb cables and each reported
> using COM3

Okay, fair enough, I just want to make sure we don't overlook something
trivial :)

> Im guessing now that I may have a defective FT2800 USB cable?? Where
> do you suggest I buy another, this one came from Kawa.

Well, perhaps. I've had more than one bad one. Just for kicks, maybe try


The demo will let you download the radio (but not upload). Maybe just
for another data point, see if that one works. If it does, then we can
diagnose further. If it does not, I'd look at the cable.

> I read some scuttlebutt on another forum that the Prolific drivers
> are troublesome on Yaesu transceivers. Know any options?

I've not heard that, nor can I think of how it could be possible. 
However, the option is to use a serial cable and choose the 
USB-to-serial device of your choice. I'd recommend an FTDI-based one, or 
a Keyspan.

Dan Smith

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