[chirp_users] OSX and the TH-D72 with CHIRP

Dan Smith
Thu Apr 21 11:28:33 PDT 2011

> I was able to connect to the radio and download the contents. (So I
> have to assume there is a problem with pyserial in the package I
> downloaded... )

Hmm, I dunno about that.  I think it's more likely that the USB serial 
driver that's handling whatever chip is in the radio isn't quite right 
on MacOS.  The python-serial library just handles opening the device, 
attaching a file handle to it, and setting the baud rate.

> Here is the bad news, the linux version doesn't show any of the
> memory locations I downloaded, they are all 0.0000 and grayed out.
> When I save the file, I can run strings on it and see that the data
> is indeed there..

Well, not having anything to test with, I really have to plead ignorance 
and hope that Vernon can offer some insight :)

Dan Smith

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