[chirp_users] How to load under Linux?

Dan Smith
Wed Apr 20 19:08:36 PDT 2011

> you missed a ` on the second command at the end but that doesn't matter.
> "which python" tells you the where python is in your path, and you don't
> have python in your path.  Your system is broken, please fix it. I can't
> imagine a modern distro shipping with broken python but you have got it.

Yeah, something isn't right there.  Maybe PATH is broken?

Try this:

# export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin
# which python

Also, as Rick said, knowing which distro you're using would really help 
us help you.  For most every distro, installing the python-serial 
package is all that is necessary to get it running.  This is very atypical.

Dan Smith

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