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Sun Apr 17 10:32:51 PDT 2011

#86: Chirp v0.1.11b7-win32 gives 'Entry Point Not Found' dialog
  Reporter:  anonymous      |       Owner:  kk7ds   
      Type:  Bug            |      Status:  accepted
  Priority:  Stability      |   Milestone:          
 Component:  Memory Editor  |     Version:          
Resolution:                 |    Keywords:          
  Platform:  Linux          |  

Comment (by anonymous):

 Attached are the three non-Chirp iconv.dll files.  Remove the obvious
 source-identifying prefix as necessary.

 Since you mentioned 'digging a bit'; I'll offer the following resources on
 the 'DLL Hell' issue.

 Wikipedia does a good job of describing it, and offers some solutions:

 Microsoft offers their recommendations:

 Dr. Dobb's Journal has weighed in on the subject with their usual incisive

 The Code Projects does a tutorial on as aspect of DLL Hell:

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