[chirp_users] CHIRP Windows XP Executable?

Dan Smith
Sat Apr 9 07:50:00 PDT 2011

\> My OS is W-XP/SP3. I just downloaded the latest version of Chirp for
> Windows. Assuming the executable was chirpw.exe I "clicked" on same. I
> received the error message below. After clicking on OK about three times
> a window opened up that looked like it might be the application - common
> drop-downs at the top, etc. However if I clicked on "File" or any of the
> drop-downs, I got the same error message. Anybody run into this or did I
> miss a step - though I downloaded and installed twice, just in case?

I was looking for some people to help diagnose this a couple of weeks ago.

Just so we're clear, you downloaded the -installer.exe file of CHIRP 
0.1.11, right?  Why did you run chirpw.exe instead of using the start menu?

Could you send me (privately if you like) a list of the applications you 
have installed on your system?  I think the problem might be related to 
something else on your system that has that DLL installed, but from an 
older version (like Gimp, Pidgin, etc).


Dan Smith

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