[chirp_users] chirp 0.1.11 and Kenwood TM-V71A

Mon Apr 4 12:18:46 PDT 2011

Hello, nice to see support for the Kenwood TM-V71A, I downloaded 0.1.11 and
tested it on a netbook running Ubuntu (10.10).

The download feature worked great, it figured out my radio type and did the
right thing.  I saw the note live update and save a CSV copy, edited it and
when I tried to upload the CSV file to the radio, it detects my COM port
just fine, senses a Kenwood radio, but defaults to 'Generic' and does not
let me change it.  An upload attempt fails complaining about not being able
to connect to generic.

Is this know?  If not I can log this an issue and can also test any updates
if you need a TM-V71A tester.

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