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Thu Sep 23 21:33:28 PDT 2010

#65: With VX-8E download works but image is unusable
 Reporter:  shopper108@…                  |        Type:  Bug                        
   Status:  new                           |    Priority:  Functionality              
Milestone:                                |   Component:  Import/Export              
  Version:                                |    Keywords:  image corrupt unusable VX-8
 Platform:  Linux                         |  

 Just found Chirp and it seems a very nice application.  Many thanks for
 making it!

 My clone download from VX-8E completes OK, but when I try to export to csv
 or load back the image file to Chirp I get the exception below.  I do have
 odd splits programmed for some repeaters, meaning the +- symbol (TX
 frequency freely and independently programmed from RX frequency).  It
 would be great if Chirp could treat a clone dump image file as raw file
 and not try to interpret it when doing backups.  Maybe an "Upload image
 file to radio" option in the menu?  This way maybe chirp is useful even if
 the internal format of the dump image of the radio changes.  Of course, if
 chirp could interpret odd splits, it would be even better.

 Another thing...  why does chirp say "communicating with the radio" when
 you try to export to csv?  I would not expect it to communicate with the
 radio at that time but just export the data currently in chirp's memory.

 73's and best regards,
   OH2FRM  / Tom

 -- Exception: --
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/home/scratch/chirp-0.1.11b1/chirpui/editorset.py", line 235, in
   File "/home/scratch/chirp-0.1.11b1/chirpui/editorset.py", line 185, in
     dialog = dlgclass(src_radio, dst_rthread.radio, self.parent_window)
   File "/home/scratch/chirp-0.1.11b1/chirpui/importdialog.py", line 455,
 in __init__
   File "/home/scratch/chirp-0.1.11b1/chirpui/importdialog.py", line 396,
 in populate_list
     mem = radio.get_memory(i)
   File "/home/scratch/chirp-0.1.11b1/chirp/vx8.py", line 45, in get_memory
     return vx8_ll.get_memory(self._mmap, number)
   File "/home/scratch/chirp-0.1.11b1/chirp/vx8_ll.py", line 265, in
     mem.duplex = get_duplex(mmap)
   File "/home/scratch/chirp-0.1.11b1/chirp/chirp_common.py", line 153, in
 ValueError: `i' is not in valid list: ['', '+', '-']

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