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Wed Sep 22 20:09:54 PDT 2010

#64: Repeater and Mycall corruption in 880 file
 Reporter:  kn0n@…                 |        Type:  Bug            
   Status:  new                    |    Priority:  Functionality  
Milestone:  0.1.10b2               |   Component:  Callsign Editor
  Version:                         |    Keywords:                 
 Platform:  Windows                |  
 Sorry it took me so long to get back to testing.

 There is corruption in the Repeater Callsign and My Callsign fields on the
 D-STAR tab. Occurs with both radio dump and icf conversion of an 880
 radio/file.  Perhaps a counting error or missed field separator, as in
 some cases the last character is pushed to the beginning of the following
 field. Also if you scroll way down the Repeater Callsign column you will
 see a lot of gibberish. The Callsign field looks fine.  Chirp 0.1.11b1

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