[chirp_users] Help with Chirp: will download but not upload

Dan Smith
Sat Jan 2 09:57:16 PST 2010

Hi Jay,

Sorry you're having so much trouble with this...

> -- Exception: --
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "chirpui\clone.pyo", line 134, in run
>   File "chirp\ic2820.pyo", line 110, in sync_out
>   File "chirp\icf.pyo", line 303, in clone_to_radio
> RadioError: Did not get clone result from radio
> ------
> Clone failed: Did not get clone result from radio
> Clone thread ended

This could just mean that it never hears from the radio at all.  Have
you tested your clone circuit with the ICOM software to be sure that it
works?  I assume you never see any progress bar movement prior to
getting this message, right?  Does the radio go into clone mode before
this fails?  If so, it could be that the TX side of the circuit is
working, but not the RX side.

I have built the circuit you posted and had it work, but I usually use
one of these:


$15 shipped is pretty decent, I think.

> I have GPS TX MODE and GPS AUTO TX disabled. Is there some other
> setting in the 2820’s menu that might cause this?

Nope, cloning through the speaker jack should be pretty bulletproof
(provided the clone cable hardware works).  The GPS settings have no
effect on speaker jack cloning, nor does anything else in the menu.

> Also, can anyone suggest some troubleshooting commands I can send to
> the radio using Hyperterminal, etc. to verify that it is receiving
> commands? I have found lots of CI-V commands but nothing showing the
> IC-2820’s CI-V address; I suspect that radios with clone-only
> capabilities (no rig control) do not have an address, but there must be
> some command to trigger the clone-in sequence.

Nope.  As you suspect, there's nothing easy you can do in a terminal to
see if the radio is responding.

You said you can download your 2820, right?  Can you send me your image
file and let me try to push it into my radio?  Maybe it's not the clone
cable that is the problem, but rather something in the radio image.  The
radios will kick out of clone mode midway if they encounter something
they don't like.

Dan Smith
dsmith#danplanet.com, s/#/@/

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