[chirp_users] Help with Chirp: will download but not upload

Jay D. Carter
Sat Jan 2 05:16:52 PST 2010

                I have emailed Dan about this issue before but I thought I would ask the group about this to get some additional opinions.
                I am trying to use Chirp (several versions including the 0.1.10b7 beta) with my IC-2820 connected via the data port. I have tried from Windows (XP and Vista) and Ubuntu and in each case I get the same result: I am able to download the contents of the radio with no problem, but when uploading the software shows a gas gauge for a minute or so, then returns to the main window. The radio display says 'CLONE' the entire time, and does not power cycle when the software appears to finish.
                The cable is a homebrew OPC-1529R going to an FTDI USB-to-serial adapter. I believe the cable must be OK, since I am able to download.
                Dan suggested I try using an OPC-478 on the SP-2 port...I built one using http://seed-solutions.com/gregordy/Amateur%20Radio/Experimentation/CIVInterface.htm but I get errors from Chirp when using this (unexpected response from radio), and I have not been able to find a good method to test this interface

                I have GPS TX MODE and GPS AUTO TX disabled. Is there some other setting in the 2820's menu that might cause this?

                Can someone confirm for me that the radio should indicate 'CLONE IN' when Chirp is uploading? It seems it should since it shows 'CLONE OUT' when downloading.

                Also, can anyone suggest some troubleshooting commands I can send to the radio using Hyperterminal, etc. to verify that it is receiving commands? I have found lots of CI-V commands but nothing showing the IC-2820's CI-V address; I suspect that radios with clone-only capabilities (no rig control) do not have an address, but there must be some command to trigger the clone-in sequence.

Thanks in advance!

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