[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.7b5

David Tilson
Mon Oct 20 18:17:40 PDT 2008

> /Then/, if your currently-opened radio already 
> has a location 25, then it will complain.

OK, that's clear now :)

> The problem that I see with that is this:

> You have a radio with 400 memories programmed, and open another to 
> import from, which also has all 400.  It asks you once, and you have
> say "don't ask me again" because otherwise your finger will die from 
> clicking "No" 400 times. Then, when you've got them all up, you decide

> to import a memory into an unused location (328) in your current
> but actually type 238, but it doesn't warn you because you told it not

> to...  See what I mean? :)

OK, I would have thought that chirpw would only try to import the
entries that are ticked, so you wouldn't have the 400 No clicks.  The
only entry it should prompt you for, in your example, would be memory
238 as it has been ticked but when prompted due to a conflict the
operator should say No to.  At which time once the rest of the
processing has been completed the operator can then reassign the memory
to 328. I can live with it either way, it just appeared a bit odd to me.



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