[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.7b5

David Tilson
Mon Oct 20 15:18:18 PDT 2008

G'day Dan,

> So, I take this to mean that when you open up your handheld, 
> the first thing you do is change the range to 0-400 
> and then go get coffee while it loads the entire radio 
> onto the screen?

Yep, I like to stress test things for you (and pass the stress back to
you) :) And just to keep up with the Aussie stereotype it gives me time
to go off and get a beer and a vegemite sandwich :)  The beer also helps
with testing, though it can add the odd eroneous message during the
latter parts of testing.

>> Functionally this works, but it is quite slow.

> Well, it's instantaneous on all the other radios, and it 
> would only take a few seconds if you didn't have your 
> view set to 0-400 :)

I guess one of the things that makes it more noticeable is that some
other software only works in banks of 100 memories at a time, so it
takes less time to resynch.  That being said, for me personally, the
advantage of being able to insert / delete a row that spans over 100
memories (before a gap is found) far outweighs the time factor and in
reality probably takes less time than having to try and manipulate
memories from one bank to another.

> Try this on your 2820, and I'll see if I can come 
> up with something I'm comfortable with to avoid 
> the re-sync :)

No probs.


Davidt, VK3UR

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